The occupation state to build an underground wall on the borders of Gaza

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israel’s 13 channel reported that the Israeli army will complete the construction of an underground wall on the border Gaza within the next few days.

The Israeli army has completed the construction of 59km of the 60km-long wall, which has been under construction for three years, reported the Israeli channel.

It added that the underground wall has been constructed in order to prevent the Palestinian resistance from digging tunnels.

As of 2010, the occupation state started to build six walls that have been creating a giant ghetto for Zionists only.

The largest wall is the well-know notorious apartheid wall, which has been swallowing large areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem’s lands, expelling native Palestinians from their homes and lands, and isolating over 5000 native Palestinians in isolated islands.

Other walls have been constructed between the occupation state and Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon.

Source: QNN

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