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Vpalestine team salutes Scottish solidarity with Palestine

Members of the New IRA group joined pro-Palestinian protesters outside the Scottish National stadium on Thursday evening to oppose the “presence of Israelis” in Glasgow.

Activists were snapped with Palestinian flags and banners at the previous encounter between the teams last month.

They joined members from the Revolutionary Communist Group to demand the release of imprisoned Saoradh members and Palestinian activists.

“We will again be showing solidarity with political prisoners.”

“Free our Palestinian comrade Issam Hijjawi and the Saoradh 9! Victory to the hunger strike for dignity in Maghaberry and Portlaoise gaols!”

The protest was staged to support a call from Palestinian football players to boycott the match between the two nations.

Of course, there were opponents of the Palestinian solidarity movement. For example, ‘the Christians United for Israel-UK’ page published a post denouncing what the supporters of Palestine had done.


Accordingly, a group of Palestinian activists from Vpalestine responded to the post, saying that they love and respect the Scottish people because they are doing the right thing by protesting against apartheid ‘Israel’. They also said that the world should boycott ‘Israel’ to force it to respect its obligations under international law.



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