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Palestinian farmers injured in settlers’ attack in eastern Ramallah

Dozens of extremist Jewish settlers on Tuesday morning physically assaulted and injured Palestinian farmers from Burqa town in eastern Ramallah as they heading for their groves to pick olives.

Local sources explained that over 50 settlers ambushed a group of farmers as they were heading for their groves to harvest olives in an agricultural area of the town and attacked them with pepper spray and batons.

The sources added that dozens of local citizens rushed to the area to defend the farmers and help them harvest their crops, but Israeli soldiers intervened to protect the Jewish assailants and prevented the locals from responding to the attack.

Four of the farmers suffered different injuries in the settlers’ attack, according to the sources.

The same settlers started attacking local olive farmers on Monday when they assaulted them along with their women and children in the same area.

Meanwhile, a horde of settlers stole olive crops from Palestinian farmers’ groves in Jab’a village, southwest of Bethlehem, and destroyed branches of some trees.

The olive groves are located in an area of the village near the illegal settlement of Bat Ayin.

On Monday, gangs of settlers also stole olive crops in Burin village in southern Nablus and Mas-ha village in western Salfit.

Source: PIC


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