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Israeli settler violence continues against palestinians

Hordes of Jewish settlers cut down a number of olive trees in Jalud, south of Nablus, on Saturday.

Ghassan Daghlas, an official monitoring the settlement activity in the northern West Bank, said that Jalud’s citizens discovered that settlers had cut down several olive trees on their lands east of the town, known as Karakfa that is adjacent to Ish Kodesh settlement outpost.

He added that some of these trees, which were cut down using electric saws, are perennial and have been cultivated for hundreds of years.

Dozens of Jewish settlers had attacked on Friday Palestinian farmers who were picking olives on their lands in Burin village, south of Nablus, wounding several of them.

Local sources reported that 3 civilians were wounded in the settlers’ attack on the olive pickers in the Jabal Salman area in Burin village.

Daghlas stated that settlers assaulted citizens in the village, and threw stones at their vehicles. Three Palestinians were injured and they were taken to the hospital.

Jewish settlers also threw stones at citizens’ vehicles, which led to big damage to a number of them, Daghlas said, adding that they attacked one of the citizens’ houses and destroyed its contents.

He confirmed that clashes erupted in the eastern region of the village after the citizens responded to the settlers’ attack.

Burin, as other villages south of Nablus, is subjected to continuous attacks by Jewish settlers living in the nearby Jewish settlements of Bracha and Yitzhar which are built on the lands of the village.

Bracha settlement was established in 1983, to the south of Nablus and it belongs to the Gush Amunim movement.

This settlement was initially established as a military outpost (Nahal) in 1982. After that, it turned into a permanent settlement in 1983, and it is located on parts of Mount Gerizim, specifically on the lands of the villages: Kafr Qalil, Burin, and Iraq Burin.

Source: PIC


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