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Online campaign deplores Twitter’s bias against Palestine

Ramallah (QNN)- Thousands of Palestinian, Arab, and international activists on Friday joined an online campaign against Twitter’s bias against the Palestinian narrative after the social media giant suspended dozens of pro-Palestine accounts under Israeli pressure.

The campaign was launched by Sada Social Center using the hashtag #TwitterCensorsPalestine. Thousands of users from all around the world took part in the campaign.

Palestinian activists from Vpalestine, Palestine Sunbird, Palestine Online, and Palestine defense forces participated in the campaign as well.

The activists rejected Twitter’s biased policy and the suspension of 250 accounts that opposed the Israeli annexation plans and violations against the Palestinian people.

The recent suspension of pro-Palestine accounts was not the first; last year Twitter suspended all blue-checked accounts of Quds News Network (QNN) without explaining the reasons and without any prior warning.

Sada Social condemned the suspensions and called it a violation of freedom of expression.

Media reports stated that Twitter complied with Israeli pressure. The Israeli minister of strategic affairs Orit Farkash-Hacohen has stated that “thanks to Israeli pressure, Twitter suspended 30 accounts that slammed the West Bank annexation.”

Hacohen claimed that that suspended accounts also called for an international investigation against Israel’s crimes.


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