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Fact-check investigation: Twitter lied about suspended pro-Palestine accounts

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A new fact-check investigation by Misbar revealed that Twitter lied when it described suspended pro-Palestine accounts as bots.
The investigation described Twitter’s claims as misleading, stating that after checking some of the suspended accounts, that have been described as anti-Israel bits, using Botmeter, low scores indicated that the accounts were bots.
The investigation also noted that among the suspended accounts that were claimed to be bots, the official account of Dr. Basem Naim, the former Palestinian minister of health in Gaza as well as QNN’s blue-checked accounts without warning or explanation.
Sada Social has described the suspension of the pro-Palestine accounts under Israeli pressure as “a dangerous indicator of the high-speed response of the Twitter platform’s administration to the official Israeli requests against an occupied people”.
“[It] is a clear violation of international law and the human rights principles that the Twitter platform is supposed to uphold”, it added.
In its periodic report on the manipulation of social-media networks to delegitimize Israel, the Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry claimed that there are 250 suspicious Twitter accounts—170 of which were found to have carried out “inauthentic activities” with the aim of stirring anti-Israel sentiment online and manipulating the discourse against Israel.
A few days later, Twitter rushed to suspend the accounts without explanation.

Source: QNN


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