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US Rep. Ilhan Omar condemns Israel for ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Muslim-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has condemned Israel for its demolition of the Palestinian village of Homsa al-Baqaa in the occupied West Bank earlier this week, describing it as a grave violation of international law.

In a tweet, Omar said: “This a grave crime – in direct violation of international law. If they used any US equipment it also violates US law,” noting that federal law prohibits American-funded military equipment from being used to commit war crimes.

“An entire community is now homeless and will likely experience lifelong trauma,” added Omar. “The United States of America should not be bankrolling ethnic cleansing. Anywhere.”

Last Tuesday, Israeli occupation forces raided the village, located in the northern Jordan Valley region in the occupied West Bank, and leveled to the ground dozens of structures owned by the Palestinian families.

In August 2019, Ilhan together with Palestinian-American Rep. Rashida Tlaib were denied entry to Israel, reportedly at US President Donald Trump’s request, for an organized tour of Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

Omar secured a second term within the US House of Representatives after defeating her Republican challenger, African American businessman Lacy Johnson, earlier this week.

Source: Days of Palestine


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