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Palestinian detainee suffers from serious health conditions inside Israeli jail

The Prisoners Information office announced on Thursday that the cancer-stricken prisoner, Mutassim Raddad, suffers from serious deterioration in his health condition. This is because of the medical negligence policy pursued by the Israel Prison Service (IPS) against Palestinian prisoners, it added.

Raddad is from Tulkarem and he is serving a 20-year prison sentence, of which he served 15 and a half years.

Raddad has been detained since 12/01/2006 and is accused of being a member of the Islamic Jihad movement and resisting the occupation. He is considered one of the most serious cases of sick prisoners in the occupation prisons, as he has been diagnosed with bowel cancer for 9 years.

The IPS is careless regarding the health of the prisoner and treats him like any other prisoner who does not suffer from any disease. Raddad is transported to the hospital by the prison vehicle instead of an ambulance, which negatively affects his health.

Raddad suffers from several dangerous diseases, such as severe gastrointestinal bleeding, loss of body weight, constant headache, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath, nose allergies, and arthritis. This makes him one of the most vulnerable cases in prisons.

Raddad needs permanent residence in the hospital, where he should have regular periodic checkups to follow up on his health condition. He takes a big number of medicines, 24 pills per day.

Source: PIC


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