Israel summons Jerusalem minister for ‘Questioning’ – In Palestine Today

Israel summons Jerusalem minister for ‘Questioning’

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today) – Israeli intelligence today summoned Jerusalem Affairs Minister Fadi Hidmi for interrogation, according to the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs.

The Ministry confirmed that Hidmi received a summon ordering him to appear before the intelligence, without explaining the reasons for this summon.

It slammed the summon as being conducted in the context of the Israeli dangerous escalation in the occupied city of Jerusalem, particularly the Israeli occupation authorities’ decision to move ahead with the construction of 1,257 colonial settler units in the colonial settlement of Givat Hamatos, built on the land of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Safafa.

Hidmi was detained four times and summoned for interrogation many times since assuming office in April 2019.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency


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