Israeli occupation to demolish Palestinian house in West Bank – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation to demolish Palestinian house in West Bank

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- Israeli authorities demolished a house in the village of Kafr Qassem in occupied Palestine today.

Local sources said the house belongs to Alaa Oudeh, noting that the Israeli court of Tel Aviv rejected an appeal by Oudeh’s lawyer to freeze the demolition order.

Palestinians inside the Green Line have been targeted in an Israeli campaign to restrict construction and increase demolitions.

The Israeli policy of house demolitions is the same inside the Green Line and in the West Bank and Jerusalem as well. In 2012-2014, Israeli authorities issued 1,336 administrative demolition orders, around 97% of them against Palestinians, who make up 20% of the population inside the Green Line. Some of the demolition orders targeted entire Palestinian villages, as in the case of the Bedouin village Um Al Heiran, whose residents have been told to vacate the land for the construction of a settlement. In January 2017 in the village of Qalansawah, 20 miles north of Tel Aviv, 11 Palestinian-owned houses were demolished in one day in a military operation involving 800 policemen.

Source: QNN


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